Dec 8, 2008

Shodoshima Shoyu Tour ~Report事後報告~

What a beautiful island, Shodoshima!
We visited local market to check out local fresh foods as well as to see the local daily life.

This is the place to age Shoyu. Those barrels are made by Japanese cider woods. It usually takes two years to age. However, nowadays we have so many mass-made low quality shoyu which are not made by the same as traditional way. They skip many time-consuming steps and add so many additives. Originally the ingredient should be only soybeans, wheat and salt.
The look of Japanese cedar barrel. It's gigantic!!

We also took ropeway up to Kankakei. The view was spectacular!
Thank you for joining our first Macrobiotic Eco Tour!! The weather was great. The people of the shodoshima was sweet and lovely. We hope all participates had great time as both of us did.
We learned the traditional genuine shoyu making from Organic Shoyu-maker, Yamahisa.
We learned many differences between the traditional shoyu and mass-made shoyu. And learned there are many things that modern technology cannot replace. We were impressed by the beauty of Japanese artisan. The big Japanese cedar barrel room was divinely beautiful. Even for Japanese participates, it was such a pleasant experience seeing and learning the process of genuine shoyu making. Without shoyu, we cannot make any Japanese dishes.
We also met such a pure kind lovely people of the island during this tour. Thank you!! Hope to see you again at our next trip!!